Frequently Asked Questions

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There are 50 hospitals in 10 states (Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri, North Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin).

We are comprised of 11 campuses in the West Florida Division, which includes the Tampa Bay, Ocala, and Heartland regions.

Among our West Florida Division campuses there are 2055 beds.

  • AdventHealth Tampa - 626 Beds
  • AdventHealth Wesley Chapel - 169 Beds
  • AdventHealth Carrollwood - 103 Beds
  • AdventHealth Dade City - 120 Beds
  • AdventHealth Zephyrhills - 149 Beds
  • AdventHealth North Pinellas – 168 beds
  • AdventHealth Connerton – 77 beds
  • AdventHealth Ocala – 421 beds
  • AdventHealth Sebring – 147 beds
  • AdventHealth Lake Placid- 50 beds
  • AdventHealth Wauchula – 25 beds
2,000+ physicians are on medical staff with AdventHealth in the West Florida Division.
The physician opportunity that is presented is typically based on one or two different models – private or employed. Our medical staff consists of physicians in both models. Employment is normally through AdventHealth Medical Group. This is a large, multi-specialty physician group that is a sister organization to AdventHealth
Current practice opportunities can be found here. They are determined through campus strategic planning in addition to a close analysis of community supply and community need.
After we receive your CV, one of our recruiters will review your experience and interest and will speak to you in more detail about the opportunity. If both parties feel that the opportunity and the candidate should be explored in greater depth, we will set up a phone interview with one or more hospital or physician leaders. If there is still interest on both sides, the next step would be to plan for the physician tour/visit to meet with the appropriate administrators and physicians
Typically, the process for a Florida license will take approximately two to three months. With a license facilitator assisting with the preparation of the application, the approval process can be shortened. We can recommend a facilitator to help in this process. You can also visit http://www.floridahealth.gov/ or call (850) 245-4131 for more information.
Medical staff privileges at AdventHealth will take approximately 90-120 days.
For the past several years, Florida has experienced a more stable malpractice environment. Once the state legislature imposed limits on certain types of awards, the market began to stabilize and the availability of commercial malpractice coverage increased.
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